How It Works

Purple Ant, Technology, Cloud-Based System, Smart Sensors


Purple Ant’s cloud-based system easily integrates with commercially available smart sensors to detect signs of home damage. When the sensors validate a real threat to the home, our app sends an alert to the homeowner and the insurance carrier so that a service technician or professional can address the problem immediately. Additionally, Purple Ant provides software and professional services to manage and monitor engagement with homeowners. 

Purple Ant, Cloud-Based System, Smart Sensors, Simple Customization

Cloud-Based Platform

Just like homes rely on strong foundations, Purple Ant relies on a powerful cloud based platform to support its hardware. While other carriers may focus on manufacturing smart sensors, Purple Ant’s system is able to adapt to a variety of commercially available hardware models. This approach allows for simple customization. With a focus on the platform and software, Purple Ant is easily adaptable to emerging technology. 

Data Solutions

Purple Ant’s software is able to provide insurance carriers with real-time risk assessments and data-based recommendations. These actionable insights allow insurance carriers to increase customer engagement and improve product differentiation in the marketplace. 

Communication protocols supported include: