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Helping homeowners fall in love with their insurance carriers


Purple Ant’s subscription-based, home monitoring platform relies on partnerships and integrations with leading home sensor product companies to empower P&C insurers to proactively prevent property damage.


What We Do

Purple Ant, Peace of Mind, Insurance Carriers, IOT Sensors


Purple Ant’s IOT sensors are easily installed and able to detect problems before serious damage occurs.

Purple Ant, Customer Retention, Loyalty, Insurance Carriers


Purple Ant helps insurance carriers engage with their customers through positive experiences, which improves customer retention and brand loyalty.

Purple Ant, Save Millions, Insurance Carriers, IOT System

Save Millions in Costly Claims

Homeowners insurance losses rose to $55.1 billion in 2017, but Purple Ant’s IOT system helps insurance carriers avoid loss due to most major home disasters.


How it works

Purple Ant’s cloud-based system easily integrates with commercially available smart sensors to detect signs of home damage. When the sensors validate a real threat to the home, our app sends an alert to the homeowner and the insurance carrier so that a service technician or professional can address the problem immediately. Additionally, Purple Ant provides software and professional services to manage and monitor engagement with homeowners.

A few of our technology partners include:

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