Purple Ant helps homeowners fall in love with their insurance carriers. Our cloud-based platform works with existing smart sensor technology to protect homes and save insurance carriers millions in costly annual claims.

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Peace of mind for your clients

Purple Ant’s IOT sensors are easily installed and able to detect water leaks, fire, and theft before serious damage occurs. This focus on prevention allows families to enjoy added safety and peace of mind. This is especially true if the customer is away and knows that if a leak occurs, it will be addressed. No one should come home from a vacation to experience a flooded basement or a frozen pipe that burst and damaged items and furniture.

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Customer Retention and loyalty

Most homeowners don’t think about their insurance carrier until there’s a disaster. Purple Ant helps insurance carriers engage with their customers through positive experiences, which improves customer retention and brand loyalty. App integration allows for modern, simple, and effective communication that empowers homeowners and builds better relationships. We believe that this interaction will result in product stickiness that is so sorely lacking currently.

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Save Millions in Costly Claims

In addition to protecting homeowners, Purple Ant helps save millions of dollars in preventable claims. Homeowners insurance losses rose to $55.1 billion in 2017, but Purple Ant’s IOT system helps insurance carriers avoid loss due to most major home disasters.

Homeowners Losses By Claims Severity (Average Claim), 2013-2017:

  • Fire and Lightning - $68,322

  • Water Damage and Freezing - $10,234

  • Theft - $4,264


Are you a CARRIER?

Learn how Purple Ant can help lower policies and bring your customers peace of mind.

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How Our Data Platform Works

Purple Ant’s data platform allows insurers to easily provide homeowners with the most cost effective policies to protect their homes, saving additional time and expenses. By providing value to the core insurance product, Purple Ant creates a win-win for homeowners and their insurance carriers!